Resolution Back Fires

Happy New Year!!! (2018)

What is it about the new year that we all tend to create resolution after resolution never even holding ourselves accountable for their failure.

So instead of creating resolutions for the new year, we should create them every day or week or month! Because saying I will lose 20 pounds tomorrow isn’t really an achievable reality so we don’t make ridiculous goals. Instead, we get to see how we feel and analyze our schedule to set attainable goals within our own reality. I will meditate for 5 min tomorrow at lunch! I will take a yoga class after work! ( sign up online so you are committed!) I will tell someone I love them!

Short term goals or simple things to help train your mind to listen to itself is the beginning of a lifetime of work. The practice of meditation applies to every aspect of our lives to Breathe, communicate (mantra/action), focus (third-eye). Over and over again! This is why I meditate because I get the easy practice done first thing in the morning and its easier to repeat that process once you practice it enough.

This isn’t just about meditation it’s about becoming a better you! Because if you are better, I can be better, we all can be better! Our race is a team and one day we might come to that awareness as a whole. Maybe then we can have peace and love! However, that only works if we start with ourselves. How can we expect others to love us if don’t love ourselves, or worse how can we love something else without loving ourselves?

There are many tools not just in yoga and eastern philosophy but in our western culture they exist everywhere. Try exercising every day, the better you feel the easier it will be to love yourself. Try going to a group of other people like you then you can feel a little better about yourself to give you even a reason to love yourself. All of these have a positive notion in common so we must think positively about something to love it?

If you can look at the most horrible thing and find something positive about it you can love it. Yes, even your worst enemy or fear. What do you think? It’s not going to be easy but if you train your mind to constantly think about positive things then it must be possible.

I think even if it's hypocritical than we should have the same outlook, which probably will be the hardest to overcome. Accepting a different viewpoint or more realistically different opinions about politics, religion, race, culture, etc…

So find more positive acts this year and make them simple and easily attainable at first because then we can be more positive towards ourselves! Namaste!