Memory Lane

2018 was a great year! I loved it, and it was the start of my nomadic lifestyle. To say the least, it hasn’t been easy, but it has progressed in a languid upward movement.

2019 sucked, and well, 2020 isn’t so nomadic as I can’t travel or even go somewhere because let's face it people are scared and staying home. Plus, no one wants to wear a face covering, and that in my opinion, is a reason I don’t go out sometimes.

Recently, I found myself wishing things were back the way they were in 18. Not physically, but emotionally or physiology. There is a feeling inside of me that has been different, and I, in my nature, have been trying to get back to a feeling of the past.

This is funny because I tend to avoid feelings of the past to prevent panic attacks and PTS reactions to stressful situations, etc.… (not sure what sets it off or what triggers an emotion from my past.)

Regardless I have been trying to find this feeling of the past this peace or joy that I once had. I’m was thinking in my head, “I think I was better in the past” I have realized that I wasn’t, and I am much wiser and peaceful now than before.

This is a hard realization; however, I look at the teachings again to remind myself of things as I often do to create content and get over my own problems. Anyway, I thought to myself, you already have everything you need, you already are the best version of yourself, and this set the ball in motion.

I remembered!

Be in the moment, and its at this moment that we are exactly where we were meant to be. Live here in the now not in the past just because it is different doesn’t mean its better.

2020 will be forever known as the year those that thought they were successful and those that weren’t successful gained a balanced perspective on the reality of our environment. Hopefully, we realize how much fear controls us, and we try to overcome it.

Hopefully, this is the moment when you take proactive self-action for your well-being.

Maybe you can find acceptance for where you are and how you feel about your life. Try and pay less attention to the pain and sorrow; look towards the next second, not the next day. Love this moment!

Love yourself at this moment, not who you will be tomorrow or where you see yourself in 10 years. Now, this moment is the answer!

I always try to incorporate greater teaching into these posts. So, remember that the three gates to hell are anger, lust, and greed. Knowing that, do not lust for peace or love. Don’t be greedy over what you have or will have. And as always, try not to anger over what you have lost, what you will lose eventually, or what has been taken away from you.

With this, you can find the mindful moment, that peace, this moment!

Om Shanti (peace)

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