Full Throttle?

In life, we need to establish rules for ourselves. However, the problem with that is that we have no control over anything that is happening outside of ourselves. So these rules almost seem pointless to have or create, Right?

Wrong! These rules or guidelines we create for ourselves help us realize that we are about to have a cortisol release to help combat said stressful situation that is happening. We can’t avoid this because it is our natural response.

I can go deeper and say that through this quantum aspect, we, us, vibrate energetically, and these vibrations travel and affect the things around us. Also, why can a dog sense you are sad and provide comfort? Also is that comfort felt because of the dog’s energetic vibration. This is the simplest way to put this for this article. However, if you are curious, look up co-regulation.

One of my tools is dopamine and adrenaline release to help combat my triggered response to a situation or an actual stressful situation. If I find myself unable to self-regulate and I no longer have anything to co-regulate with, what option do I have?

Adrenaline and dopamine!

How do I achieve this? Well, I ride the motorcycle. This is my way of putting myself into a dangerous situation willingly, which makes me feel that I have control. Once in this state, I can release my thoughts on what was effecting my autonomic nervous system.

Meaning, I forget what I was worried, stressed, or distracted about.

It brings me back to the present moment. Because If I am distracted and unfocused, I will make a mistake and potentially die!!! It’s not like being in a car where you can run over potholes, imperfections in the road, construction sites, wind, etc. None of that affects you in a car, but all of that will cause me to crash, notably, the faster I decide I want to go.

So you don’t worry I can assure you that I wear a helmet, I don’t speed for long periods of time but only when necessary to avoid a more uncontrollable place I am on the road. Once back in a comfortable place I resume posted limits. This isn’t always the case, and sometimes the situation requires me to back off and be patient with the situation I am in.

Like slowing down before entering a turn, blasting through it without knowing what is on the other side isn’t a wise decision. So I apply this same philosophy to traffic and city riding.

The best is when I am on the road with no one around and nothing but nature surrounding me!

This is the ultimate peace for me. All you can see is the road and those two yellow lines in the distance. All you can hear is the wind, sometimes motor too! It’s so loud that it becomes quiet. The wind and sand and bugs are hitting you in the face, hands, and chest! But you mentally block that out. Your foot is inches away from the concrete moving at 60+ miles per hour. There is little fear, but if I make one mistake, that its! This is always running through your mind. Stay focused, stay alert, breathing is all you can think about.

You hit this space, where everything is vibrating at the same frequency. Just like when a yoga class full of people are in harmony saying “OM”. The wind, the helmet straps vibrating, the motor, my clothes beating in the wind. Everything is at the same frequency as “OM”.

Just writing this has me in this space of ease and peace. I have done this a lot, and it’s nice to have it back again in my life.

Small changes and adjustments need to be made to both myself and the motorcycle so that our comfort matches perfectly. Just like pranayama (breathing techniques) and Asana (movements). Like finding that comfortable seat in meditation. You need the right cushion and padding: the right height and pelvic rotation or angle.

Once you are there, you can just drop into that blissful state. You realize your true nature and the reality of our life. What is truly real and what truly matters.

Love matters! That all!

As I wrote before, be here at this moment. Love yourself so that you can, most importantly, love others! You don’t have to like their actions or their appearance to love them. Just love them because they are a fellow human. An existence called life on this magical planet. Sitting at the right place at the right time for all of this to exist.

How lucky we all are to even exist!

So go now and create tools for your toolbox so that when you get caught up in society and with stress. When your inability to self-regulate and no one can help you co-regulate occurs, you have something that you can do to bring it all back home. To help you turn inward.

You may only need one thing or tool now, but eventually, you should have a big box! Plus, your resilience to stress will increase, which means you have a better ability to self-regulate, and if you want the bonus factor. This gives you the ability to co-regulate others who have lost their self-regulation at the moment.

If you didn’t know, I love you! Sincerely with all my being, I recognize you for who you are, and I love who you are!

Om Namaha Shivaya

Semper Fi

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