Follow Your Own Guidance

I was riding my motorcycle on Memorial Day 2017. I was following my uncle as we needed to return a kayak we borrowed the day before and then we were heading to the beach. After we dropped off the kayak we were in an area I was unfamiliar with and I just was following him to the beach. While doing so I realized how dangerous it was to be following a car when you are on a bike. Which made me realize that the following anyone is dangerous. The reasons I decided it was dangerous: I didn't have control over my acceleration, I was in tunnel-vision trying to keep up with him and his turning, merging through traffic, I had zero control over my path!

This is something that sparked a realization, even though I haven’t been a follower much in my life, there have been many times I didn’t know where I was going and needed to follow someone. That was not a bad thing, the realization I had though is that there comes a time when we need to stop following for our own safety. There comes a time when it becomes dangerous and when we feel that we have lost control. At that moment, stop following!

There are so many books, talks, blogs, teachings, all about how to be a leader. Very rarely do we talk about leading yourself, and that you don’t need to have followers to be a leader. Being a leader for yourself is about the courage to stand alone, for what you believe and for what you want to stand up for, not for anyone else, just for you! Letting go of the fear, and knowing when and what you are following becomes or is now dangerous, and deciding to go on your own is not easy. This however at the moment is necessary or else you will be lead off a cliff, not realistically. When I was following my uncle on the bike I had that moment of, back off and be safe, take control of your journey, because if I didn’t my probability of wrecking was way higher!

When you decide that this change is imminent, act on it! That wreck or cliff could be only but a second later. Just as we talked about in my last message to you all, find your yoga, and yes it might be weird and uncomfortable at first, but it will keep you aware of what lies beyond what you are following. Finding that yoga in your life will open your eyes and you will see outside of the tunnel. The light is at the end of the tunnel because all we can see is the tunnel and what if we aren't even in a tunnel at all!

It's okay to get lost, it's okay to travel through a tunnel every now and again. It's okay, to be a follower from time to time, but my path off a cliff may not be yours, and yours is not someone else’s. Be you for you and be aware of the dangers of following keep your distance in case they need to slam on their breaks or make a hard right because maybe you need to go straight!

Additional Food For Thought: You might as well ditch that rearview mirror while you're at it. I recently was in an accident on my bike and my mirrors were ripped off. I was fine as well as everything else on the bike so I keep riding it. I will tell you it is a lot more work to turn your head and look behind you! And that moment when you do you aren’t looking where you are going in front of you. So get rid of the mirror and keep your eyes forward!