Find Your Temperance

I’m not into much suspicion, magic, voodoo stuff, etc… However, I do enjoy the thoughts that these, what some might consider, “made up” things bring to my mind. They have their merits and shouldn’t be regarded as “made up” just because we haven't been given an opportunity to see it differently.

As with everything in life, until we witness it, it can be hard to prove its worthiness to help us achieve greater prosperity and intuition. I will say in addition to the occasional tarot card reading I read my horoscope every day from two different sources! I love the idea of being prepared for what the universe might unleash on me during the day. Even if it's false, that exercise, the preparation of my mind gives me interesting thoughts for my meditation shortly after.

Today I decided I was going to see what the tarot world had to say and so I just drew one card and it was “Temperance”.

By definition, temperance is regarded as self-restraint. I enjoy both definitions because I feel the need for more self-restraint as well as what is written below.

“Temperance card is in Sagittarius, a teacher of truth, passion, patience, and all that is beautiful. There were aspects of your being that were saturated with too much water or fire energy. Temperance is coming into perfectly balanced alignment with soul work, creativity, self-care, family, social, and professional life. There is ease and harmony day to day.

At this time, you have already found this balance, or are discovering how to create this space within your life. Previously you had no idea how this was possible, but now you are understanding the balance of elements to develop roots. As you release what is not in alignment with the heart, life responds by celebrating your wisdom.

Be fully immersed in truth. This is where magick grows. When you are following the laws of the universe, life responds to what is held within your moment to moment vibration.”

I pulled this card with the intention that it would advise me on the world’s current situation. I started to write this thinking in that way and only realizing now in this paragraph that it was meant for me.

What I took from it, as it went on with more clarification…

  • Be fully immersed in truth.

The truth is knowing myself and finding comfort and contentment with myself. My soul is the truth and I will allow its light to illuminate the world around me. This truth provides me a level of protection from the hidden brain game of the logical brain vs emotional brain.

  • When temperance is present, there are no extreme ways of being.

This statement makes me smile and I feel at peace. They say the wise always maintains and evenness of mind, from anger through to love reaction to emotion serves no purpose.

  • Through balance, you open the universal doorways that were once hidden.

We talk about balance in yoga so much but what does balance actually mean. I take it as living in the grey area. Realizing that the black and white areas are off-limits along the path and closing the mind to such a reality only creates anguish, not peace.

  • Choose love. Choose the highest vibration. Remember: As Above, So Below.

What we create in our minds becomes a reality in the body. What we create in the soul becomes the reality of the mind. If we don’t create any thoughts, if we realize the truth, we see the truth.

I have already been telling myself daily, just do your duty and love! It is what has been guiding me back through to a better place of healing. Soaking up this moment of clarity! The beauty that I see captivates me despite all the darkness that is also present.

I am always thinking about the Baghavad Gita and Krishna’s words to Arjuna. They bring me to this peaceful place on the battlefield. Fearing nothing, loving everything, realizing that there is only one way out. The battle, this war, means nothing except to help us understand our true nature. The temporary within the permanent.

Our senses receive information in this physical reality. Then our brain based on past experience evaluates the information and creates our perception which is our reality. As this is such, what do you want your brain to reveal as the truth?

Maybe this card was meant for both of us and not just for me. If I apply these thoughts to my emotion I am experiencing. This anguish we all are experiencing, it hits my soul, hard and all I want to do is fight. Who do I attack? How can I heal this pain and suffering?

Realizing I can only share my light. Hopefully, if I shine bright enough and I can teach "Temperance". Then I have done my duty, I have fought the greatest enemy. The ego, the ignorance, the fears, and our own minds.

This is the most difficult of tasks and I cannot be the only one fighting, however, if I find myself alone I know I will have Krishna on my side and he desires equality. So it is destiny and in the pursuit of peace, which is priceless, and worth everything!

Find Your Temperance

Om Shanti


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