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The other day I did a podcast with the secret yogi http://www.secretyogisociety.com. Very cool guy Austin is the host. Fellow yogi and philosophical enthusiast like myself. Anyhow, during the interview, we got deep into the importance of life. As in, what's the thing that matters the most.

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I said love and then horribly in my remembrance I began to explain it. I felt as if I didn't do it justice so I wanted to regather my thoughts on the subject and give it a second go.

The idea was that I wrote a Facebook post once about time. How important our time really is. This gained a decent amount of traction in the comments creating further definition.

Unwilling to look back through years of Facebook posts trying to find this one relevant post. I will just start over.

Thinking about this for a few weeks now after I got the last post thoughts out of the way I remembered it more clearly.

So time is the most important thing in this existence to this human form. Why because without time declaration we would be lost in our brains. Not knowing what was a memory or happening right now.

Aside from the philosophical perspective that I am separate from this body, this seems to be the truth in the way we understand how the brain functions.

To science or interpersonal neurobiology, in particular, we or I am what's referred to as the mind. Their definition of the mind goes like...

An embodiment that regulates the flow of energy and information throughout the body and the brain.

Simple enough to understand

So time allows us to differentiate the past present and future (or thoughts) we can't actually think of the future.

Knowing this, what are you really doing with the most important thing in the universe?

You might say I'm wasting it writing this post!!! Ha.

The idea is you should be spending it with your loved ones. As the comments carried on about time and it's importance or whether it's linear or not, etc....

When someone said "so you are saying love is the most important thing" and I exclaimed yes!!!

My Beautiful Niece

Because time is all we have and if you ask someone who is old and lived their life while now having no family or loved ones what they say about their life. Well, they would say I wish I had more time with... Fill in the blank.

No one says I wish I spent more time making money or buying cars etc... I mean, of course, those people do exist but the majority of us can agree on this point.

So go spend that time with, in, giving love because that's the most important thing!

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