I AM......

In my last blog, I talked about tunnel vision. Basically when to lead yourself! I saw that one of my friends has co-authored a book releasing very soon called “lead yourself first”. I can not wait to read it as I am sure I will agree with what it has to say. However, for this thought-provoking blog, I wanted to ask a different question, What lies ahead? What happens when we lead ourselves and where will it take us?

In yoga, the most important question to ask is “who am I”. Well, who are you? If you are not a label, if you are not a good or a bad person, if you are not a parent, then how do you answer the question “who am I”. Don’t expect me to tell you because I cannot. No one can answer this question for you and no one will ever be able too!

I have been living with one of my best friends for almost 10 years now! We served in the Marines together, that’s where we met and were in the same fireteam for all 4 years. We have been through every struggle together, except for a time when he was healing from a gunshot in afghan. However, he came back and we endured more together. We have seen each other's bad sides and good sides, we have watched each other fail and helped each other get up. I mean we even knocked each other down a few times. After I started my yoga journey I convinced him to move down here to Tampa and convinced him to come to class. We have so much in common it's ridiculous, and yet he can not answer that question for me.

Only I can answer that question and only my true self can prepare me for what lies ahead.

Preparing for what lies ahead, that statement should tell us a lot. Having this idea or perspective is not easy and can be so confusing when you think you are on the right path and then one day you wake up and realize that you are not! It’s terrifying and we have to take control of that fear and move where our true self needs us to go!

So what lies ahead? Truth! And every day we are preparing ourselves for what truth will present itself. Who we really are, what is dharma (purpose in life / Service) really? What is no longer a desire or a want disguised as a need. Our expectations seem to fall away the more truth presents itself, and we can find true happiness, not just joyful things, just amazingly truthful authentic happiness! We get to see the true beauty of all things because we realize the truth that we are all connected, not just to each other, everything! Drama, Fear, Anger, Frustration, Hopelessness, all disappear and we are left with Courage, Sympathy, Love, Compassion, Happiness, and bliss!

Take a moment each day to sit with yourself, ask yourself “who am I”, and prepare yourself for what lies ahead…..

Maybe the Mantra SoHum will help you with this question! Learn more about it here, as it literally translates to I AM THAT.