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Mission & Vision: To provide a quality product and service helping people make shit happen. Changing the stigma surrounding mental and physical assistance programs and products. Creating and educating the world about self-care practices that are sustainable for long-term health.

Veteran Yogi was founded by Marine veteran Nicholas Caris. An adaptive yoga specialist for veterans. Since the creation, Veteran Yogi has partnered with his brother's wife Sarah Caris, our essential oils expert. Being a spouse to a Navy Veteran and witness to the trauma of war, she is a perfect fit to help Veteran Yogi pursue their mission and vision. 

We hope to grow into a community of people helping Veterans and the world fight humanity's biggest challenge of stress, anxiety, and fear! 

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Nicholas Caris

Founder, CEO, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Nicholas Caris isn’t your usual Marine infantry veteran that you come across. He has been doing yoga since 2012 and began teaching yoga to other veterans in 2014. When Nicholas was honorably discharged in 2011 he found his new home in Tampa, Fl. Like many veterans, Nicholas hadn’t realized the significance of what he encountered during his time in the military. However, it began to slowly affect his life mentally, physically, and emotionally. Finding more than just physical relief doing yoga, yogic philosophy became a mental relief as well. Nicholas says while he has yet to overcome his disabilities and even his emotional anxiety fully, he finds that drawing all his attention into practice each day is the main reason he hasn’t given up on life. Finding comfort, ease, and peace through this focus he says is his purpose for practicing. 


Nicholas is a certified trauma-sensitive yoga teacher through Warriors at Ease and personally trained in working with trauma victims by the Exalted Warrior Foundation founder Annie Okerlin, a Certified iRest® teacher and Adaptive Yoga Therapist. Nicholas has also taught yoga and meditation to inpatient substance abuse veteran clients learning how to help them overcome addiction and sustain sobriety naturally to better support veteran health. Nicholas is passionate about not only creating healthy responses to his own trauma symptoms from service but for his brothers and sisters encountering their struggles too!


Nicholas works with other non-profits teaching yoga, helping/volunteering with infrastructure, maintenance, and anything else he can for organizations helping veterans. He currently works with Operation Warrior Resolution, My Warriors Place, and Exalted Warrior Foundation. Nicholas has recently started his own venture, Veteran Yogi LLC, highlighting yoga, meditation, and overall wellness products that will support future retreats and yoga classes free to veterans. 

Sarah Caris

Aromatherapy/ Essential Oil Director

Sarah, Veteran Yogi’s essential oils expert and stay-at-home mother of two has lived a life of extreme pain. At a young age, she was diagnosed with multiple life-long illnesses, including chronic widespread pain. Searching for better alternatives Sarah started using essential oils. Desperate and willing to find anything, feeling like she had nothing to lose dove all into the relief of nature. 


Finding more than just momentary relief, she was surprised to find that it helped with all the symptoms much more than expected. Wanting to share what she found yet, having a difficult time putting herself out there. She hopes, with this, that it forces her out of her comfort zone and creates opportunities to connect with people. 


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