I started writing a few years ago and it is a way for me to share with my tribe different teachings I have studied over the years. I try to share each realization and tool I use to overcome the struggles from trauma and the effects they have on my day to day life. Because of my past experiences, I embarked on this yogic path as I couldn’t be a witness to my own suffering any longer. Feeling like a car accident test dummy, I am trying to be an open book and expose the subjects and thoughts I have in order to conquer my fears, shame, and perceived judgments. Running into walls full speed ahead I learn a new tool to overcome the destruction I feel happening in my life and to keep learning as a result. More than just a blog, it is a place to start a conversation and bring the power of healing. Follow me along my journey, connect with me on here and social media, offer me advice when I am feeling lost, share your journey with me, and



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